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You Have Seat Belts and Air Bags.......But You Also Need...
All About LIFE HAMMER From USCCCN International, Incorporated


Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers About LIFE HAMMER

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How big is LIFE HAMMER?

LIFE HAMMER weighs just over 3.5 ounces and is 6.75 inches in length.

What is LIFE HAMMER used for?

The hammer, with it's two steel points, can be used to shatter side windows. The blade easily cuts through seat belts.


LIFE HAMMER complies with strict international safety standards.

Where do I put LIFE HAMMER?

The holder easily attaches to the carpet without damage to the vehicle.

How do I find LIFE HAMMER in the dark?

A luminescent pin on the holder ensures that LIFE HAMMER can always be located, even in the dark.

How much does LIFE HAMMER cost?

Only $29.95 Per Unit - Prepaid (Including Shipping in the Continental US) NJ (Only) Purchasers Must Add 6% NJS Tax. LIFE HAMMER(s) can be ordered from:

Post Office Box 663
South Plainfield, NJ 07080-0663
Fed. ID# 22-3248936

*For Quantity Purchases and International Shipping Costs, E-mail:

Note: In an accident, seat belt releases, as well as doors and windows, may become jammed or inaccessible; the very device designed to save your life, may well endanger it.

This is Why You NEED LIFE HAMMER! Order Yours Now!


Please Feel Free to Go to The LIFE HAMMER Order Form Page and Order Your LIFE HAMMER(s) Today!